The Gen Con Games Library

The One-Stop Solution for Conventions and Publishers

The Gen Con Games Library (Lending Library Logistics, LLC) is a GAMER-OWNED library of more than 4,700 tabletop games!

We transport two trailers to conventions across the United States.  Currently, we serve conventions in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado! We also maintain a presence at the University of Dayton.

Our library will travel to any event, anywhere in the lower 48 states! Our prices are simply transportation, hotel, and food, with a small library fee that pays for for maintenance and procurement of the collection.  

Every dollar supports the library, our operation, and the local charities designated by each convention.

More than 3,400 unique titles

More than 4,700 games overall

Delivering tabletop program anywhere in the contiguous USA

So what are you waiting for?

Let us run your convention's tabletop gaming program